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Work Accident / Injury 

We have an excellent source of basic as well as in-depth information to assist you in any workers' compensation question you may have.

Common Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (the compression of the median nerve in the wrist).

  • Epicondylitis (swelling of the tendon at the elbow).

  • Rotator cuff syndrome (swelling and tearing of the tendons around the shoulder).

  • Sciatic pain (pain radiating from the lower back to below the knee).

Musculoskeletal disorders affect the soft tissue of the body, such as the muscles, the tendons that connect muscles to bones, ligaments that connect bone to bone, nerves and blood vessels. These disorders have also been referred to as: cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and overuse injuries.

Injury Prevention and Ergonomics

Injury prevention and ergonomic programs are designed to reduce the number of injuries occurring in the workplace.

Since the best way to treat an injury is to never get it in the first place, a proactive approach involving strategic planning to minimize injury should be taken by all employers and employees, especially where the risk of injury is high. This would include workers who sit for extended periods of time, perform repetitive movements, and workers who lift or move heavy objects.


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